Revilo's Wash Routine

1st Feb 2020

Please avoid the following as they will damage your Revilo Nappies and void warranty.

  • Our preferred temperature for our nappies is 40 degrees (but they can wash at 60 degrees)
  • Avoid using a tumble dryer for the outer shells as it will damage the PUL waterproof lining.
  • Inserts can be tumble dried on low heat. But they may shrink due to the natural fibres.
  • Do Not wash at 90 degrees; this will damage the PUL waterproof lining.

We want you to have clean nappies for you little one, to avoid smells, stains etc. 

We recommend any of the following detergents.

Biozet Front & Top Loader Powder 

Prewash 1/2 scoop. Main wash 1 scoop

OMO Front & Top Loader Powder 

Prewash 1/2 scoop. Main wash 1.5 scoop

Radiant Front & Top Loader Powder

Prewash 1/2 scoop. Main wash 1- 1.5 scoop

Detergent amounts based on a 7.5 size washing machine. 

Anything more significant will need an extra 1/4 of a scoop of more detergent per kg.

Information source: Clean Cloth Nappies

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask by emailing us.

For new Revilo Nappies

Wash all items on a short 30-45 minute wash cycle, with a full scoop of recommended detergent and with warm water. 

Care and Wash Instructions

1. What to do with a soiled nappy/ wipe?

Remove any solids into the toilet/bucket by using a scraper or silicone brush.

Gently unsnap all snaps and remove the insert, place nappy into dry pail. 

If there is only urine, unsnap all snaps remove insert and place into dry pail.


A daily prewash cycle with detergent reduces the likelihood of ammonia development and reduces smells in the laundry significantly.

Add in nappies, inserts, wipes, wet bags etc

Choose a short cycle, approximately 30-45 mins that agitate, rinses and spins, include detergent 

Once prewashed store dry pail.


Place all the prewashed items into the washing machine.

Choose the longest wash cycle the machine has. We recommend the length of the sequence to be 2-3 hours.

Add in recommend detergent. (the amount will depend on the detergent and your washing machine.)

Ensure you have correct loading as this will allow for best agitation to get nappies clean.

For a Top Loader click here

For a Front Loader click here


Line dry in the shade to prevent damage to the PUL waterproof liner. 

Allow 1-2 days for the inserts to dry before using again.


Place the insert into the pocket nappy and ensure the insert is flat by running your thumb and pointer finger along the elastic lines.

Re-snap the snaps according to the size of your child. 

Store in a dry location and they are ready to use. 

Change the Revilo nappy every 2-3 hours.


To store our nappies, we recommend placing them in an airy basket to allow for airflow.

The more holes, the better this will reduce any smells and ammonia development.

Here is an example

Ezy Storage 53L Clay Leaf Flexi Laundry Basket

Picture source Bunnings