Helpful Information

How To Clean Your Washing Machine

1st Mar 2020

Cleaning your washing machine is one of the most important tasks everybody should do monthly.If you don't clean your machine on a regular basis you will start to have wash issues.Here at Revilo nappie … read more

Step By Step Fit Guide

1st Feb 2020

ASSEMBLE NAPPYPlace the insert inside pocket of the nappy.Ensure the insert/s are flat by running your index finger and thumb along with the elastics. ADJUST THE RISE SNAPS Adjust the rise … read more

Small Newborn Trick

1st Feb 2020

This nappy trick will help with smaller babies fit into Revilo Nappies.1. Join the middle rise, snap and the bottom snap together.2. Join the right rise snap to the top waist buttonand repeat on … read more

Revilo's Wash Routine

1st Feb 2020

Please avoid the following as they will damage your Revilo Nappies and void warranty.Our preferred temperature for our nappies is 40 degrees (but they can wash at 60 degrees)Avoid using a tumble dryer … read more

Tips To Keep In Mind

1st Feb 2020

If you are breastfeeding, you don't have to rinse the soiled nappy before washing. Breast milk is water-soluble.If your child is formula-fed or is eating any food the soiled nappy will need to be r … read more