How To Clean Your Washing Machine

1st Mar 2020

Cleaning your washing machine is one of the most important tasks everybody should do monthly.

If you don't clean your machine on a regular basis you will start to have wash issues.

Here at Revilo nappies we follow the cleaning recommendations from Clean Cloth Nappies

Read your manual!

Remove and clean the lint filer as directed

If your machine has a removable agitator, remove and clean it

Clean rims and seals

Use one of the following options:

If you are finding flakes on laundry, use a commercial descaler (e.g. Hillmark)


Select a long cycle with cold water (no detergent), add one cup of chlorine bleach to the bleach dispenser, or dilute it in 1L of water and pour it down the detergent draw.


Choose the Drum Clean or 90 degrees Celsius cycle (no detergent) bleach is optional 

Information source Clean Cloth Nappies